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Phillips Rooks District


4-H is a community of young people across Kansas engaged in learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Caring adults who support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential. Adults can share guidance, knowledge and wisdom, as well as model respect and provide skills training.

4-H is a nationwide program. Each of the four H's of the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop.

  • Head, critical thinking, problem solving; 
  • Heart, self-discipline, integrity, communication;
  • Hands, serving others; and
  • Health, choosing healthy lifestyles

From hands-on exploration to project-based skill building, young people thrive through 4-H participation, finding their way to success in life and career.

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Phillips County 4-H Clubs:

Agra Trailblazers, Deer Creek, Iowa Union, Lone Prairie and Sunnyside

Find us on Facebook: Phillips County 4-H Facebook

Find more information on: Phillips County 4-H WakeletPhillips-Rooks District 4-H Newsletter, and Phillips County Fair (July 29-August 2).

Rooks County 4-H Clubs:

Eager Beaver, Helpful Hands, Mt. Pleasant, Palco, and Star

Find us on Facebook: Rooks County 4-H Facebook

Find more information on: Rooks County 4-H WakeletPhillips-Rooks District 4-H Newsletter, and Rooks County Free Fair (August 7-13).

Club Leader and Officer Resources

Visit the Kansas 4-H Club Corner for awesome club, leaders and officers resources. You'll find videos as well as printable materials. Club Leaders you can find additional information by visiting the  Kansas Volunteers.

Upcoming 4-H Events - 2022

1        Shooting Sports 4-H Enrollment Deadline
1        International Exchange Program Applications Due
1        Outbound IFYE Exchanges Applications Due
5        Western Region Leadership Forum
5        Shutterbugs at Old Jefferson Town
6        Rooks County 4-H Officers Training
6        Rooks County 4-H Club Leaders Meeting
7        Rooks County 4-H Achievement Banquet
13      Phillips County 4-H Achievement Banquet
14      Rooks County 4-H Livestock Committee
14      Rooks County 4-H Council
19-20 Kansas Youth Leadership Forum
19-20 Kansas Volunteer Leader Forum
28      Phillips County 4-H Officers Training
3        Elite Livestock Judging Clinic and Contest
4        Shooting Sports
4        Chat Don't Snap
12      Rooks County 4-H Livestock Committee
12      4-H Junior Leaders
23-January 2 Phillips-Rooks Extension District Offices Closed
9        Rooks County 4-H Council
10      7220 Youth Wool Judging Contest
21      4-H Project Day with Anna Muir
27-29 Dog Judges Training and Recertification
28      Horse Panorama
12      4-H Day with K-State Women's Basketball
13      4-H Junior Leaders
18      4-H Project Day with Anna Muir
24-25 Ambassador and Communications Training
11     K-State Junior Swine Producer Day
13     Rooks County 4-H Council
18     K-State Junior Meat Goat Producer Day
18     4-H Project Day with Anna Muir
20     Phillips County 4-H Club Day
15     4-H Project Day with Anna Muir

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