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Phillips Rooks District

Phillips-Rooks Extension District #5

The Phillips-Rooks District #5 is made up of Phillips and Rooks Counties. K-State Research and Extension programs present useful information related, but not limited to: Agriculture; Family and Consumer Sciences; Economics; 4-H Youth Development; Home and Family life; Business and Economics; and Health and Nutrition. We take programs to Schools, Gardens, Community Centers, and many other places.

Our philosophy is to help people help themselves by taking university knowledge to where people live, work, play, develop, and lead. We work at being responsive to the needs of the people by focusing our resources on providing quality information, education and problem-solving programs for real concerns.


Upcoming Events - 2020

Winning the Game Crop Marketing Workshop

crop marketing workshop

Commercial Applicators Recertification Trainings

October and November
Dates and registration information can be found here.

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment
October 15 thru December 7

Small Acres Agriculture Series
October thru March
Dates and registration information can be found here.

Small Acres

Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle
November 4-5

K-State Swine Day
November 18

Kansas Turfgrass Conference
December 7-10

Crop Pest Management School
December 9

crop pest school

COVID-19 Resources from Extension

As our society faces the challenges of maintaining health-oriented practices, social isolation, school closures, financial pressures and more, resources on the COVID-19 Extension page can help as you navigate through this challenging situation.

K-State Research and Extension specialists are subject matter experts in numerous aspects of life that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide unbiased, fact-based help in these subjects free of charge for the benefit of everyone in Kansas and the rest of the world.