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Phillips Rooks District

Needing a Speaker?

The team of Phillips-Rooks Extension District Agents are here to serve your needs. Whether you're needing a speaker for an event or some hands-on activities and icebreakers to get people going. The team has some specialities where they can assist you.

Anna Muir - Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H and Youth Development Agent
Dangers of Vaping
Human Trafficking
Assistive Technology
Story Book Leadership
Stress Less with Mindfulness
Rachael Brooke - Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H and Youth Development Agent
Agriculture for Youth Audiences
Animal Science - General Livestock Care and Management, Production of Cattle, Goats and Sheep
ATV Safety
Quick Books for Farm Accounting
Cody Miller - Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H and Youth Development Agent
Agronomy - General Crop Production Practices, Diseases, Fertility
Agriculture for Youth Audiences
Cindy Walker - Family and Community Wellness, 4-H and Youth Development Agent
Food Safety
Physical Activity, Guidelines and Benefits
Food Insecurity
Parenting Children with Special Needs
Mental Health
Community Vitality