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Phillips Rooks District


News Articles by Rachael Boyle

Heifer Development Program Considerations

Balanced Nutrition Helps Minimize Calving Difficulty

Eastern redcedar

Care of Fruit Gift Basket

Care of Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti

Forages and Cattle Supplementation

Poinsettia Care

Winterizing Strawberries

Water Requiremements of Beef Cattle

What to Do with Tree Leaves

Garden Mums

Musk Thistle Control in the Fall

Nitrates and Prussic Acid in Forages

Soldier Beetles

Customer Service...More Important Than Ever

Updated Cover Crop Tool Now Available

Commercial Applicator Recertification Training Changes for 2020


News Articles & Radio Programs by Anna Schremmer

Methods to Soften Butter

Santa's Cookies

Dreaming of Prime Rib for Christmas

Let It Snow

Prevent Colds and the Flu


Baking with Flour

Get Ready for Taxes

Turkey Leftovers

Cooking the Turkey

Talking Turkey

Pancake vs Maple Syrup


Trick or Treating with COVID-19

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

Pressure Canning Done Right

How to Store Apples for Use All Winter

4-H Grows Here


Radio Programs by Cody Miller

Water Landscape Plants Before Winter

Work Garden Soil in the Fall

Control Lawn Weeds in the Fall

Planting Trees in the Fall

Fertilizing Cool Season Grasses in the Fall

Lilac Problems

4-H Promotion Week

Brown Coloration on Junipers

Planting Potatoes

Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses

Adding Organic Matter

Topdressing Wheat