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Phillips Rooks District

Phillips-Rooks District

Phillipsburg Office
784 6th Street
Phillipsburg, KS 67661
785-543-6846 fax

Stockton Office
115 N. Walnut
P.O. Box 519
Stockton, KS 67669
785-425-6852 fax

Weekly Articles by Rachael Boyle


Too Wet to Mow the Lawn

Control Musk Thistle

Cut and Destroy Those Pine Wilt Affected Trees ASAP

Proper Handling and Administration of Cattle Health Products Part 2

Proper Handling and Administration of Cattle Health Products

Don't Work Wet Soil

Cold Stress and Newborn Calves

Should You Plant Roundup Ready Alfalfa?

Snow Affects Winter Grazing

Start Trees off Right

Using Old Garden Seed


Natural Needle Drop

Plan Access to Winter Hay

Pruning Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

Testing for Hay Quality

Thistle Control During October

Roadway Safety and Farm Equipment

Fungi Thriving in Wet Conditions

Still Time for Salad Garden

Crabgrass Control

Peonies with the "Measles" and Powdery Mildew

Elm Leaf Beetles


Keeping on Schedule

KDA Now Accepting Approved On-Line Dicamba Applicators Training

Prepare Now to Beat the Drought

Cull 1 million Stable Flies with just a Little Feeding Site Clean-Up

What Beef Producers Should be Thinking about in April

Wildland Fire Action Guide

Fungus Gnats

Pasture and Cropland Lease Survey Results

Save Hay by Reducing Feeding Waste

Preparing for the Calving Season

Update on Winter Wheat growth and development in Kansas

Mouse Damage to Fruit Trees and Plants

Forage Analysis: What Numbers Do I Need?

There is Still Time to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Get the Most from Grazing Stalks

Rainfall Delays Wheat Sowing Progress

Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Look at all the Painted Ladies

Optimum Sowing Dates and Seeding Rates for Wheat in Kansas

Little Barley in Lawns

Anaplasmosis in Local Cow-Calf Herds

Cull Cows: A Disappointing Failure or Market Opportunity

Natural Needle Drop on Conifers

Is My Lawn Still Alive?

First Report of Sugarcane Aphid on Grain Sorghum in Kansas this Year

Anthracnose in Shade Trees


Attack of the 1 Inch C-Shaped Grub

After Effects of too Much Rain

Raise Cutting Height when First Alfalfa Harvest is Delayed

Avian Influenza

Managing Turf in the Shade


Minimize Dystocia in Replacement Heifers by Using Calving Ease EPDs to Select Sires

Prevent Grass Tetany


Leaf Rust and Stripe Rust on Wheat

Sugarcane Aphid - Already Arriving in Kansas

Alfalfa Weevils

Possible Consequences of the Warm Winter Temperatures on Wheat

Considerations for the Sorghum Sugarcare Aphid

Lawn Calendar for Buffalgrass

Tree Care Following the Winter Storm

Get Ready for Calving Season

Gully Erosion Control is an Important Issue

Provide Cold Cows More Energy

Mud in December

Choosing and Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Poinsetta Care

Here Comes the Asian Ladybug Beetle

Anaplasmosis cases in more areas of Kansas this Year

Nitrates are an issue again this Year

Apply Late-Season Nitrogen Application in November

Control Broadleaf Weeds in Lawns

Be Alert to Health Risks when Grazing Turnips

Thistle Control during October

Mineral Needs of Cattle Throughout Year

Stalk Rots in Grain Sorghum

When Fungicide Wheat Seed Treatments may be Advisable

Planting Trees in the Fall

Power Raking and Core-Aeration of Lawn

Preparation Key for the Transition of Weaning

Nitrates Could Be An Issue Again This Year

Tips on Making Good Silage

Summer Water Needs for Cattle


Summer Pneumonia in Beef Cattle

Control Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

Stockpile Extra Summer Growth for Winter Pasture

Effects of Ralgro

Potential Problems with Grazing Wheat