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food preservation

Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Safe:

Canning and preserving your own fruits, vegetables, and meat can be a tasty and economical way to make the most of your food. Whether it's tomatoes from your own garden, a crate of peaches from the local farmer's market, or the venison harvested during a weekend hunting excursion, there's a safe recipe and method for preserving these foods. In this video series, K-State Research and Extension Food Safety Specialist, Karen Blakeslee, will guide you through recipe selection, preparation, and the canning process itself, always with an eye towards safety. For more information, visit your local K-State Research and Extension office.

Recommended Recipes

Choosing the Right Recipe (What to Avoid)

Salsa Time

Cooking Salsa

Ball Jars and Lids (Jars Acceptable for Showing at the Fair)

Preparing and Filling Jars

Water Bath Canning Salsa

Removing the Jars

Storing and Using Salsa

The Science Behind Home Canning

Preventing Botulism in Home Canning

Canning Meat (Raw Pack Method)

Canning Meat (Hot Pack Method)

Canning Meat Using a Pressure Canner

Canning Meat Achieving and Maintaining Pressure

Cool Down After Processing

Removing Jars From the Canner

Maintaining Your Canning Equipment

Elderberries: beautiful to look at, not for canning