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Recent food recalls focus on listeria

Listeria, a foodborne pathogen, was involved in 16 recalls in recent months. A Kansas State University food safety specialist explains why it is appearing in products typically not associated with the bacteria.

"Listeria ... is found in cold, wet environments," said Fadi Aramouni, extension specialist and professor of food science. "What's unusual about this type of bacterium is they actually grow and multiply under refrigerated conditions. Because it survives in cold, wet environments, it can be found in drains or other areas of condensation within a plant, such as the ceiling or light fixtures."

Listeria is typically found in ready-to-eat deli meats and hot dogs, refrigerated meat spreads, unpasteurized milk and dairy products, soft cheese made with unpasteurized milk, refrigerated smoked seafood, and raw sprouts.

Aramouni says thelisteria in ice cream also could come from ingredients added after pasteurization.

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Health and Nutrition

Fruit basketGood nutrition and physical activity are important habits for you, your family and your friends to practice for life-long health.

Eating healthful foods and exercising at every stage of life will help you:

  • enjoy great tasting foods
  • build physical strength and endurance
  • feel yourbest and work productively
  • reduce your risk of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer

Healthy habits should be:

  • REALISTIC - Small changes work best.
  • FLEXIBLE - Don't worry about one meal or one day. Balance your physical activity and what you eat over several days.
  • SENSIBLE - Enjoyfood, just don't overdo it.