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Phillips Rooks District


Our Extension Agents offer articles, radio programs, and videos on a variety of topics from the following program areas: 


Dicamba and Paraquat Training Requirements

Shattercane Resistance to Imazamox (Populations Identified in Sorghum Fields in Northwest Kansas)

Potential Winterkill to Kansas Wheat Crop

Updated Cover Crop Tool Now Available

Commercial Applicator Recertification Training Changes for 2020

Topdressing Wheat

Business Managment

Phillips and Rooks County Agricultural Lease Survey Results

Crops and Livestock Budgets

Just the Good Stuff

Customer Service...More Important Than Ever

Foods and Nutrition

Forages and Pasture

Control Volunteer Trees

Pasture Rangeland and Forage Insurance

Forage Analysis

Feeding Silage to Goats

Control Woody Plants on Rangeland

Prevent Nitrate and Prussic Acid Poisoning

Using Drought Stressed Corn as Forage

Maximizing Value of Harvested Forages

Alfalfa Weevils

Eastern redcedar

Musk Thistle Control in the Fall

Nitrates and Prussic Acid in Forages

Health and Safety

Managing Stress for People Working in Agriculture


Champion Trees in Kansas

Garden Mums

Composting: What to Add?

Fertilize Strawberries

Leaf Spot on Lilacs

Squash Bugs in the Garden


Trees Slow to Leaf Out

Soil Sampling for Home Gardeners

Grassy Sandbur Control in Home Lawn

Help for Vegetable Gardeners

Planting Potatoes

Did the Extreme Cold Hurt This Year's Fruit Crop?

Making Valentine's Roses Last Longer

Fungus Gnats

Fruit Trees and Frost

Care of Fruit Gift Basket

Care of Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti

Poinsettia Care

Winterizing Strawberries

What to Do with Tree Leaves

Soldier Beetles

Water Landscape Plants Before Winter

Work Garden Soil in the Fall

Control Lawn Weeds in the Fall

Planting Trees in the Fall

Fertilizing Cool Season Grasses in the Fall

Lilac Problems

Brown Coloration on Junipers

Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses

Adding Organic Matter

Livestock and Pets

Feeding Cattle Following Wildfire

Preparing Poultry for Winter

Nutritional Flushing of Sheep and Goats

Fall - Now is the Time to Improve Cow Body Condition

Chute Side Working Cattle

Weaning Calves

Poisoning of Livestock Animals

Managing Feed Costs This Fall

Harmful Algal Blooms

Deworming Small Ruminants

Clean Winer Feeding Sites to Reduce Stable Fly Populations

Cattle Mineral Supplement Selection Tips 

Cattle Pest Management

Heifer Development Program Considerations

Balanced Nutrition Helps Minimize Calving Difficulty

Water Requiremements of Beef Cattle

Forages and Cattle Supplementation


4-H Promotion Week