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Phillips Rooks District

Phillips County 4-H

4h grows here

4-H Online enrollment/re-enrollment begins October 1, 2019.  Go to ks.4honline.com to enroll.  

Family Resources

4-H Online Guide Books and How-To's

4-H Project Selection Guide


2019 Phillips County Fair

 Resources for Completing your Kansas 4-H Record Book

Personal Page
Kansas 4-H Permanent Record
Sample Kansas 4-H Permanent Record
Question and Answer 

dont forget

Member Achievement 1-Membership
Member Achievement 2-Bronze
Member Achievement 3-Clover
Member Achievement 4-Emerald
Member Achievement 5-Silver
Member Achievement 6-Silver Guard
Member Achievement 7-Leadership
Member Achievement 8-Gold
Member Achievement 9-Gold Guard
Key Award

KAP entry deadline is October 1

 kap inro

Kansas Award Portfolio forms and instructions

4-H Scholarships

 Phillips County Community 4-H Clubs

  • Agra Trailblazers
  • Deer Creek
  • Hustlers
  • Iowa Union
  • Lone Prairie
  • Sunnyside


Upcoming Phillips County 4-H Events


23 - Phillips County 4-H Council Meeting


1 - 4-Honline enrollment begins
1 - Pin applications & record books due
1 - Phillips County 4-H Scholarship deadline
6 - 4-H Sunday
6-12 National 4-H Week
12-13  48 Hrs of 4-H
15 - KYLF Deadline


9 - Equine Extravaganze
23-24 KYLF
25 - 4-H Council Meeting